You Should Experience Resort Life At The Grand Bahia Jamaica At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here’s Why.

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope this year is amazing and special for everyone. I cannot believe I am writing my first post of the year right now lol. It has been a very eventful first week. However, I would like to share my first Christmas experience in Jamaica. This is one of my happy places that has so many wonderful memories.

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide That Will Actually Make Life Better! (For The Health Nut In Your Life!)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or the most busiest if you are a last minute shopper. Buying the perfect gift someone is never an easy task, especially if you have no idea what to buy the person.

If you happen to have a health nut in your life, you should check out my gift guide. Most items can be found on Amazon. I promise it is filled with gifts any wellness enthusiast will enjoy.

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Journeying Into The New Not So Normal (Part-Two)

(Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional, I am simply sharing my story and what I have learned along the way. If you or a loved one is in need of medical attention, please seek help from the nearest hospital. In addition, I may use some medical terminology throughout so be patient with me as I try to break it down!)

For those of you who have not read part-one here is the breakdown. I had given birth, my son was rushed to Sick Kids and Hirschsprung’s disease was his tentative diagnosis. Matthew and I were trying our best to normalize whatever we could. We would go home to nap briefly and return back to the NICU. We literally set up camp and this became our home for a couple of days. At the time I was barely eating and exhaustion took over. After a long debate with my family, I finally decided to go to the hospital. It took my ankles swelling like balloons and shooting pains up my calves to get me there.

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Journeying into the new NOT so normal! (Part-One)

September is a month that commemorates many things. The transition from summer to fall, returning to work or school, however, for me September holds many emotions. As this month is Hirschsprung’s awareness it is fitting to share my son’s journey into Hirchsprung’s and shed light on this rare disease. This is apart of my personal therapy so my personal healing journey will be blended in.

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Cottage life lessons

I have had a couple of opportunities to go camping and cottaging throughout my life. Growing up I never really understood it, you know…sleeping in the woods and possibly being some animal’s dinner! Kidding! Recently, I started to realize I have not been doing the cottage life right. If there even is a right way! I never really stopped to appreciate what was surrounding me and complained about bugs the entire time, especially… Mosquitos! This made me miss out on the beauty of the environment and true importance of the experience.

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Minding our Beeswax!

If you have not watched the Bee movie or any commercials that show the importance of Bees, let us enlighten you. I know every time a Bee comes buzzing around, our natural instincts kick-in and we run away or swat. But, what if the next time you encounter a Bee you remember all of the positive things they do for humanity and simply guide them out of your space.

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